Fuels financing innovation & automates even the most complex commercial loan management
Loan Management system


AllCloud’s AutoCloud Enterprise (ACE) for Business Loans is a highly Robust & Intuitive business loans software. Our commercial lending software is highly Scalable, making it the ideal choice for lenders of both MSME Loans & Large Business Loans.

The critical differentiator between different commercial lenders would be in how they carry out their Credit & Risk Assessment activities. ACE for Business Loans boasts a comprehensive Credit Assessment module, made highly configurable along with scorecards that can be designed by our clients themselves. The varied requirements of corporate lending are all met with ACE commercial lending software – it is versatile enough to serve as both small business loan software as well as large corporate lending software.


Micro & Small Enterprises require a very different approach in terms of financing as compared to larger businesses. The most common constraint faced is the lack of substantial collateral. Lacking collateral immediately increases the effort required to objectively assess a Micro or Small enterprise to more than double. Another difficulty faced by Micro & Small enterprises is that their cashflows can often be seasonal or in unstructured forms.

ACE for business loans allows financiers to consider all the difficulties faced by MSMEs and adjust their credit & risk assessment accordingly. Financiers will be able to capture both unstructured & structured data and collate them in intuitive dashboards that not only allows for an objective credit assessment but also gives suggestions whether the customer is suitable for a regular repayment plan or a seasonal repayment plan. Loan products too are highly configurable and can allow for varied interest rates, repayment cycles, loan amounts & availability periods. The No-Code approach adopted by AllCloud enables all aspects of the loan lifecycle to be configured by our clients without AllCloud’s involvement.


Every financial organization approaches commercial lending software to fit their credit policies as pertheir own risk appetites and best practices. ACE Business Loan Software allows automation of origination, underwriting and servicing of the commercial loans in accordance with the organization’s origination, evaluation rules and decision workflows.

Easily encapsulate in your decision workflows in-house rating models, credit bureau ratings & segmentation rules. Estimate probability of default (PD), exposure at default (EAD), loss given default (LGD) & other parameters to derive the risk-weighted assets (RWA) to determine the Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR). Some of the parameters that can be captured & used for a comprehensive credit risk assessment are: -


API Driven

Our MVC Architecture, Open API Standards & extensive API allowing ACE to be easily absorbed into any existing ecosystem.

Omni-Channel Origination

Interfaces available across Web & Mobile for Loan officers, As well as a separate mobile app for Customer Self-Service.

Centralized Document Repository

Allows instant access to any document, incorporating any corporate lending company’s policies and leaving a visual audit trail for auditors and teammates.

Configurable & Pre-configured Scorecards

Leverage proven best-practices for commercial lending software configuration & create your own scorecards to derive holistic credit risk assessments.


Automate our robust Business Rules Engine to eliminate manual intervention & boost the efficiency of your commercial lending operations.


Our core Business Loans Software is a cloud-deployed service. We offer total management of your infrastructure in the cloud with partners like AWS to ensure maximum Performance, Security, Scalability and Reliability. We offer development of software as a service (SaaS) for enabling our clients to leverage the benefits of cloud for their Commercial Lending technology solution.

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