The Impact of Government Incentives on EV Financing in India

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been touted as a solution to reduce India's dependence on fossil fuels, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Mitigating Risk in EV Financing: Strategies and Techniques for EV Lenders

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, more and more lenders are looking to finance them. However, financing EVs comes with unique risks that lenders need to be aware of.

AllCloud’s Multi-Layered approach

Security is a critical aspect when building and running a business in a flexible and secure cloud computing environment. However, both the provider and client share equal responsibility for security and compliance.

Unified Lending Technology: The future of lending operations

In the past, lending operations were time-consuming and resource-intensive, with significant manual processes involved.

Co-lending: A win-win solution for NBFCs and smaller banks to bridge liquidity gap

Co-lending is helping NBFCs and smaller banks bridge the liquidity gap, enabling them to scale their operations, increase their loan books and grow.

The future of urban mobility and last-mile delivery: Rise of commercial electronic vehicles

The last decade has seen immense growth in the small commercial vehicle and 2-wheeler segment, especially in the last mile delivery space in urban areas.

5 Trends driving Auto Finance now

Post-pandemic auto financing has seen a major transformation, but only people who closely observed know that it is not a consequence of the pandemic alone but a long-happening overhaul of auto financing.

Keys to unlock faster EV adoption

The Focus of all stakeholders–OEMs, Finance Companies, policymakers, and the Government is to ensure the use of the EV–the vehicles need to run and create operational profitability for the Users.

What is co-lending and how can it benefit borrowers?

A Successful partnership leverages the combined strength of the Partners to deliver results and fill in the inherent gap of each.

Trends in Auto-financing

Post-pandemic auto financing has seen major transformations, but only people who closely observed know that it is not a consequence of the pandemic alone but a long-happening overhaul...

Unified Lending Technology

Currently, banking technology is a complex web of unintegrated technology put together by continuous efforts of large IT teams on multiple systems hosted on different servers, making it...

Mobile-Ready Technology, a Key Enabler for MFI Operations

The most recent development in the FinTech space has been mobile-ready solutions, which have been one of the greatest ever disruptors of this industry - in a good way. Since the beginning of...

MSME Loans - Importance of reliable credit analysis

MSMEs have a significant impact on the overall growth of the world economy and its various milestones. According to a world bank report published in 2020, MSMEs...

Enabling Digital Transformation across Financial Ecosystem with Open API

In the last decade, Financial Institutions (FIs) have seen a key transformation across their technology ecosystem. Disruption from present-day FinTech’s, NeoBanks, New- Age Lenders, and...

Why Buy now pay later is what you need to scale your lending business?

Buy now pay later (BNPL) is short-term financing offered at the point of sale for customers purchasing, as a finance option. BNPL cuts through a lot of processing by the very way it...

12 Features That Makes A Loan Management Software Outstanding

Digital Lending Report, November 2018, by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) projects that with the introduction and penetration of India Stack (UPI) in the banking system, 50% of the loan...

Rise of MSME lending

MSME comprises majorly micro and nanoscale enterprises that are proprietorships. A good share of these enterprises has daily sales upwards of 2,000 rupees only.

Role of Technology in MSME Lending: How Lenders Can Use Technology to Improve Efficiency and Serve MSME Borrowers Better

Technology has always played an important role in the world of MSME lending. However, in recent years, its role has become even more significant. This is because lenders have realized...

Why technology is imperative in the competitive lending business?

The goal of any lending business is to increase its loan books by effectively servicing loans, managing capital and using technology to scale its operations. However, there are many businesses...

7 Stages in Loan Origination process

The First stage of Lending/Financial services is Known as Loan Origination process. The most important & critical stage in complete Loan servicing. The Finance Industry is now shifting...

How Nbfc Software Could Make your lending business easy

NBFCs or Non-Banking Financial Institutions/Companies play a leading role in extending financial services and in promoting global economic growth by addressing diverse financial needs...

Why Loan Management System Is The Secret To Lender's Success

Offering a loan, verifying the details of the borrower, and disbursing the loan amount is a simple process.

4 Pillars of Digital NBFC

When you look at today’s customer, they don’t compare different financial service providers anymore, they compare Experiences.

5 Reasons Why NBFC’S must Embrace Smart Technology Today

The NBFC sector in India is revolutionizing. Industry experts believe that the lending market is as big as $600 million and is further growing at a rate of 19% -21%. Alternative lending firms,...

6 Factors that led Growth of NBFCs In India.

Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFC) sector in India has undergone a significant transformation over the past few years and plays a significant role in the growth of the Indian financial system.‍...

Automation and Digitalisation in Micro Lending

According to World Bank “By 2020, this number will reach 6.1 billion. Mobile-based digital technology presents a huge opportunity to enhance financial inclusion for the two billion individuals...

How To Choose A Loan Origination System That Fits Your Business?

The lending industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. Consumer behaviour is rapidly evolving, where borrowers expect loans to be issued in minimal time, probably in one-tap...

How to create a seamless, efficient operation of the lending business?

Traditionally, the lending sector has relied on a large number of personnel, paperwork, and complicated procedures that are difficult, and tiring for individuals to complete...

5 Big Techs Disruptions That Are Changing Indian NBFCs.

Banks have always been perceived as preferred lending partners in India. However, there is a massive base of borrowers at the mid and bottom level of the income pyramid, MSMEs, that...

Eight Data-driven Strategies To Drive Loan Collections To Profitability!

Debt recovery has always perplexed NBFCs due to increasing bad debts or delayed outstanding payments. Underlying reasons for it are high dependency on human resources and a non-data...

Is Compliance Killing The Speed Of Your NBFC? AutoCloud Can Help!

Adhering to legal and regulatory compliances with agility has been a never-ending effort for NBFCs. With the governing bodies such as RBI regularly introducing new norms in the industry,

Ten-pointer Checklist To Transform Your NBFC.

With the intervention of technology, NBFCs have penetrated into the grassroots level of the economy and eased the accessibility in the lending industry. As a consequence of soaring opportunities,...

Tech Giants Are Coming To Hunt You Down, NBFCs. Be Prepared.

If the pond is the business world, and the Shark is, let's say, a tech giant like Amazon, Google, or even big Indian players like Paytm, they not only survive in the pond, they disrupt it! For eg, Amazon,...

At AllCloud, We Refuse To Move Ahead Alone.

Did you know that as of 2018, approximately 190 million adults were underbanked in India? With such enormous populace being deprived of formal banking facilities, it seems that financial lending...

One-Tap Loan Approval; A Dream Come True?

Imagine if the process of availing a loan could be as simple as buying products on Amazon or Flipkart. You choose a product of your interest, add to cart, choose a payment, and voila! your...

Why Loan Management System is the core technology for NBFCs.

In an effort to boost the NBFC sector, Union Budget 2020 paved way for it to become a part of the TReDS, an electronic platform to finance/discount trade receivables of MSME's....

Is Co-lending The Final Answer to The NBFC Crisis? Let’s find out!

2019 was a wake-up call for the RBI, Government, and the economic experts to focus on the NBFC crisis on priority, if the lending industry is to be saved from a collapse...

Can NBFCs Follow Banks To Create Its Own Ecosystem Using APIs?

NBFCs in India have exponentially grown on the shoulders of technology in the last decade. Digitalization gave Indian lending industry the hope to become $100 billion in size by 2023...

Digital Framework for Payday Lending Process.

India’s Domestic Credit Growth [2000 - 2020] shows a turbulent trend in credit availability. It is depressingly trending downhill especially since 2019-20. Hence, non-banking avenues to...

How “Paperless Loan Processing” Will Change Your Business Growth and Help Predict the Future?

Retail lenders are realizing that to sustain the cutthroat competition they have to invest in managing their business processes and systems. Modern Business needs simplified...

The Impact of Digital Collections in Debt Recovery and Its Advantages

A McKinsey report published in early 2020 indicated that the global debt collections industry is struggling even though more industries than ever before are relying on its...

Increase Efficiency across Lending Operations with Cloud Software

The loan origination process is complex and highly fragmented. The manual process requires multiple touchpoints between different departments of the front office and back offices –...

Importance of API for Lending Ecosystem

Advancement in technology coupled with changing consumer demands has impacted the supply and demand side of the lending ecosystem. On the demand side, there is a massive shift...

Financial Institutions! Choose SaaS for Innovation

Financial institutions have gone through a transformation over the past few years driven by technology innovation. This transformation has been driven by new entrant...

NBFCs directed to Implement Core Financial Services Solutions by September 2025

Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in a circular published on October 1, 2022 said it has been decided that NBFCs - Middle Layer and NBFCs - Upper Layer with 10 and more 'fixed point service...

Rise of Digital payments and its impact on Loan Collection

The global debt value increased over 9% from the first quarter of 2020 to the last, from 258 trillion U.S. dollars to 281.5 trillion U.S. dollars. The value of global debt in the fourth...

The need for Financing to support the budding Indian EV Industry

The global automobile industry is currently undergoing a gradual but massive paradigm shift. It is slowly switching to alternative and energy-efficient options, to counteract the negative impacts...

Will Microfinance survive the Covid-19 crisis? Will MFIs join the shift to digital lending?

Microfinance has traditionally been a socially driven enterprise – the ultimate goal of which is to achieve financial inclusion. By 2014, over 130 million people directly...