Empowering Unity, Driving Success:
Where Collaboration Meets Excellence

The concept of unification is deeply ingrained in our company's DNA. Just as our product offers a holistic and unified lending solution, our team embodies the spirit of collaboration and unity. We believe that our people are our most valuable assets. Our team members are passionate, dedicated, and committed to delivering exceptional results. We foster a culture of growth, enabling our employees to develop their skills and excel in their roles. As a testament to our team's capabilities, we have grown from a three-member team to a thriving workforce of 135 individuals spread across different geographies.

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To empower businesses and individuals worldwide by providing customer-centric, innovative solutions that leverage the latest technologies to create equal opportunities for our team and a positive impact on society.


To revolutionize the banking industry by introducing automation and cutting-edge technologies to eliminate inefficiencies and errors, delivering smarter and more efficient financial services to our clients.

Customer Satisfaction
Prioritizing the needs of customers and ensuring they are happy and successful in their interactions with the company.
Open Communication
Prioritizing clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders to promote trust, reliability, and accountability.
Collaborative Teamwork
Working effectively with colleagues and leveraging diverse perspectives to achieve common goals.
Innovation and Creativity
Encouraging the exploration of new and original approaches to problem-solving and improvement.
Employee Empowerment
Recognizing the importance of employees and investing in their development and well-being.
Honesty and Fairness
Treating all stakeholders with integrity and respect, and building trust and credibility through transparent and ethical behaviour.
Positive Workplace
Fostering a fun and enjoyable work environment that promotes creativity, reduces stress, and increases productivity.
Pursuit of Excellence
Striving to achieve the highest standards of performance and quality in all areas of the company's operations
Being able to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the environment or circumstances.

Guiding Principles:
The Core Values of AllCloud

Unified, hyper-scalable and secure API platform, so that your business is always up and running

We build a hyper-scalable and secure API platform, so that your business can always be up and running. Our mission is to provide a unified platform for businesses to access the data and services they need, when they need them. With Bankcloud, enterprises can focus on what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

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Journey so far

From humble beginnings to a global enterprise: Our journey of innovation, growth, and resilience.

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Initial seed
5 member team. First to introduce SaaS to lending business. Launched AutoCloud in the vehicle loan segment.
Streamlined business processes with a 15-member strong team. Launched full mobile suite for collections and boarded the first enterprise customer, setting the foundation for growth.
Expanded presence to pan India. Moved to the IT corridor. Increased customer base to 300. Onboarded first NBFC. 5,00,000+ loans disbursed.
Expanded business to africa and southeast asia, resulting in international recognition and an award in the NBFC summit. Onboarded HDFC life, a major player in the industry, solidifying the company's reputation.
Emerging Leader
International level recognition. Onboarded 25 enterprise clients. Onboarded a bank.
With a focus on new product development and an 80-member strong team, the company continued to thrive and innovate despite challenges, demonstrating its resilience and determination.
Scale & Beyond
Hardened with our commitment to scale and grow beyond, to create a global enterprise.
AllCloud's office culture is built around people, collaboration, and innovation.
The company values diversity and strives to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.
AllCloud encourages open communication, teamwork, and collaboration, believing that working together leads to great success.
The office is designed to inspire creativity and innovation, with modern and cutting-edge technology.
AllCloud prioritizes employee well-being by offering flexible schedules and a range of programs and initiatives, including wellness programs, mental health support, and healthy snacks.
AllCloud is committed to continuous learning and improvement, providing ongoing training and development opportunities.
The company culture is built on respect, integrity, and teamwork, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Life At AllCloud

Unleashing Innovation through Synergy: AllCloud's Commitment to Office Culture and Fintech Revolution