Unified Lending Technology

December 22, 2022

Currently, banking technology is a complex web of unintegrated technology put together by continuous efforts of large IT teams on multiple systems hosted on different servers, making it difficult to get through a task. Redundancies and bottlenecks as a common scene always requiring reconciliations and check at each point. All this simply put is the loss of a business.

Businesses need agility and speed to be innovative and effective. AllCloud realized that scalable SaaS technology to financial institutions with managed cloud infrastructure, thereby reducing IT personnel and hardware requirements, could add tremendous value to the global financial market and came up with AllCloud’s Unified Lending Technology.

Today’s regular technology usage is mobile-first, an Omni channel, universal access approach mandates an API-driven composable system that provides the necessary agility and security. AllCloud built a multi-tenant SaaS application that enables this and allows lenders to manage the entire lending cycle and customer journey. Financial institutions can make innovative loan products with just a few clicks without any technical intervention - it's all no code.

AllCloud solution is a highly scalable and cloud-native platform. It is delivered on AWS which inherently provides an auto-scale feature allowing it to serve large workloads on an ad hoc basis in on-demand instances. Users will have a seamless experience, all while saving costs and passing those savings along to clients. AllCloud uses AWS SDKs for development making it highly compliant with existing AWS services.

AllCloud Unified lending technology is a composable system with every module and function made into an independent API, ensuring it is highly adaptable to change and interact with various data points. Open, RESTFUL APIs are used for easy interaction with other APIs. All APIs are well documented and the AWS API gateway is used to smoothly, and securely integrate with other systems.

Financial and PII data of customers that are regulated by government bodies is secured according to law of the land. AWS provides all the security services which enable AllCloud to secure the data. As AWS is ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and SOC certified, data with AllCloud is safe. The solution is implemented as a fully hosted Saas web application deployed in a separate virtual private cloud on cloud infrastructure.

AWS operates a shared responsibility model in relation to security. It provides and manages processing and network infrastructure and covers all aspects of the physical and environmental security in the cloud. While AllCloud takes responsibility for security in the cloud. In practice, this means development and support of the application, data content, OS device hardening, and application deployment is wholly performed by AllCloud. AWS also provides services like AWS guard duty, Amazon Cloud watch, AWS IAM, Amazon VPC, and a host of other features.

Business continuity in events of crisis is planned, minimizing any downtime and negligible loss of productivity. Having data in the cloud ensures it is backed up and protected in a secure and safe location. Business continuity planning establishes a practical plan that helps to:

  • Identify preventable risks wherever possible.
  • Prepare for risks that can’t be controlled.
  • Respond quickly and recover if any incident or crisis does occur.

According to reports, the global digital lending platforms market is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2026. Technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence is changing lending extensively. Evolved with experience in empowering 500+ lenders, AllCloud is not leaving any page unturned to SaaSify lending technology and enable lenders in doing business in never before imagined ways.

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