Basic Loan Software

Effortless, Affordable
Loan Management Software

AutoCloud Basic is a pre-built loan management software that is designed to
automate end to end loan processes to ensure greater accuracy,
productivity and reliability in your business.

Automobile loans

Loan Against Property

Personal Loan


4 step customer on-boarding process

Unlimited Document Upload

Automatic SMS reminders

Integrated and Automated Accounting

Instant Business Reports

Get Collection, Dues, and Seizing reports

Multi-Branch support

Roles and Restrictions

Print & Export all documents

Mobile app

Collect on Field

Assign tasks, track, and get live updates in the office about the on-ground collection team.

Generate reports with one tap

Generate full-length business & financial reports through our mobile app.

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Portable Printer

Connect a Portable printer via Bluetooth and instantly print any document such as receipt of payment received on the ground.

View, and manage Loans

Access all the information related to loans instantly.

AutoCloud's Tech Infrastructure

AutoCloud is designed keeping in mind your desire for speed in
business, without sacrificing security, flexibility, and accuracy.
We grow with you.
Our tech partners are-

core lending platfroms
Digital Lending platforms
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Make your business faster, better, and simpler with

Lower Your
IT Costs
as you Grow
Complete data security
Reduce admin and
Management Costs
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From Customers

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Once you try AutoCloud, you’ll never stop using it, we promise.